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What kind of extract is it? Where is imported from and what is its origin? What is our extraction process?

The extract from KANOIL product is oily one made from oil extraction of cannabis plant.

At what age and month can be used at children?

KANOIL can be used at children over one year of age.

Are there any side effects from their application?

There are not known side effects from the application of KANOIL hemp oils.

When the effect can be felt after taking the hemp oil?

The effect of the taken drops would be felt in the time period adequate to the condition characteristic. For example, in case it is applied during disturbance, the effect will be felt the same day. For conditions where KANOIL is applied due to immunomodulating effect, longer period is required in order to activate the physiological systems and to respond to the administered oils accordingly.

Does it have sedating effect and is it allowed to drive motor vehicle after the administration?

KANOIL does not have sedating effect, but it is necessary to be careful when driving motor vehicle.

Is there any danger of over dose? What is the maximum daily dose?

There is no danger of over dose if KANOIL hemp oils are administered according to the direction in the patient instruction leaflet. The maximum daily dose is 30 mg.

Can it be used during Parkinson’s disease? Are there any studies to be read?

Yes, due to KANOIL effect to improve sleeping and the mood at persons with Parkinson disease, to improve the motor symptoms (changes in motions) and to act as nerve protector and to decelerate the progression of the disease. The clinical studies for the effect of the CBD hemp oil can be found on the following links:






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