Legalization and Quality



Kanoil® and Kanoil Bio® CBD oils have multiple positive effects on human health

Initiative for the adoption of legislation concerning legalization of cannabis products for medical use has been supported by companies manufacturing medicinal products or food supplements as well as the civil associations promoting and supporting cannabis use.

In public debates, representatives from all relevant institutions: Agency for medicines and medical devices of Republic of Macedonia, Pharmaceutical and Medical Faculties in Skopje, Key Opinion Leaders and doctors of different specialties, guests from abroad involved with this issue, representatives from pharmaceutical companies, pharmacists and other representatives from the health sectors participated.

The debates were interactive, including participation of civils seeking help for the treatment of various diseases for themselves or their family members. They all stood together on side of legalization of cannabis use for medical purposes.

With the new legislation, a clear definition of permitted substances and concentrations succeeded. Products containing below 0.2% of psychotropic THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD or other non-psychotropic cannabinoids (CBD, CBN, CBG) in higher concentrations, are categorized as borderline products meaning that they can be dispensed without a prescription.

Such products are intended for preventive purposes, they are safe to use and can only have a positive impact on the psycho-physical condition of the human body.


Quality Matters

For us at Replek Farm quality is especially important. Quality is our priority and unconditional commitment

KANOIL® & Kanoil Bio® CBD oils are of standard quality and are manufactured according to the highest standard for technological procedure and controlled manufacturing conditions defined by GMP requirements.

KANOIL® and Kanoil Bio® product quality is confirmed in terms of qualitative and quantitative composition, under highly sophisticated analytical methods for identification of components as well as certification of microbiological purity and absence of heavy metals, organ solvents, herbicides or pesticides.

CBD (Cannabidiol), its carboxylic form CBDА (Cannabidiolic acid) and CBN (Cannabinol) are precisely quantified by several separate methods in order to obtain easy and precise standardization and declaration of the KANOIL® & Kanoil Bio® products composition.

THC (delta – 9 tetrahydrocannabinol) presence is below 0.2% w/w, which in most European states is legally regulated as acceptable, low concentration of the psychotropic substance.

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